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Socialise while buying &/ selling the products & services, online – as of now.

Believe us…it’s MAGIC!!!

The Government of India (DPIIT)
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Currently, the platform is getting developed. So, until then register yourself.

After filling the respective forms, Seller account registrations will proceed.
Whereas buyers and influencers will get the updates about this journey until the platform goes live.

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We are making buying on our platform as simple and integrated as liking or commenting on a social media post.

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getmarket is a place for you. Being a social marketplace, you have a great role to play here.

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The brand new social marketplace,

built for all your needs.


– Currently, we are developing the platform and we are planning to go live by end of this year (2023) so before that you’ll receive an email from us regarding the specific updates.

– Do follow us on our social media handles mentioned below, where you will get the updates about this journey of ours.

– The mentioned information in the forms (Seller, Buyer, and Influencer forms) is enough as of now.

– No there are no fees to join ‘getmarket’ as a seller.

– On successful sale there is a minimal commission which we’ll charge, for more details please feel free to contact us.

– We will send you an email regarding the updates and further information.

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